Welcome to the Wizard’s educational children’s stories and Motivational  Wisdom

The Wizard presenting one of his educational children's stories My mission with the Wizard is to educate children. To teach them about the plight of the world we live in. One of my themes is “how they can help save the planet?”. Everything we need and cherish on this planet is jeopardy! All due to man’s inherent greed and carelessness. Perhaps by sharing insights with the children, we as a civilization will have a chance to reverse the damage that has been caused to our world. From the animals that are slaughtered for their tusks to the polluted water and air, mankind has had little regard for the future of the earth. What about the legacy we are leaving for our children. My stories of The Wizard and his Friends are delightfully illustrated and all teach a lesson that can be passed down through generations. So join me on a magical exploration as we tackle and seek solutions with the help of a child’s imagination.
Email the Wizard to set up an “in-person” reading or a SKYPE reading of his educational children’s stories for your children. Also my mission is to help children, teens and adults grow into their full potential and to live in their soul purpose without fear.You will find educational children’s stories for sale, motivational speaking events, daily motivational videos, recommended reading and other opportunities to help change your life.

My youtube channel contains 100s of inspirational videos. Watch one daily or weekly to help you move through your barriers and create joy and happiness in your life.

The Wizard is available to speak to your groups about his life changing experiences. One of my goals is to help others to succeed and be motivated to help others at the same time as changing the world for the better.

The Wizards shares his story with teenagers about to graduate from high school. He shares educational alternatives to college (that is if college is not for you) or to defer college by gaining world knowledge and experience. Possibilities include travel, personal development, motivational books to read and more.