The Wizard

I changed my life about 8 years ago when I was introduced by my mentor Joe Polish to T. Harv Ecker. He owns Peak Potentials which is a personal development company that specializes in changing lives. After graduating from The Enlightened Warrior Camp I realized that I had no fear anymore. That nothing was out of my reach. I then took the Wizard camp and that was the spiritual match to the Warrior camp. I am so now in balance in my life. The last course I took was the Ultimate Leadership camp and that to was an incredible learning experience.


Don Jones, The Wizard, Ripple on Calm Water


My wife and I have gone on to Lifebook, Freedom Fasttrack and the Awakened Spirit Retreat. We have created our own foundation called Magical Earth Retreats which connects children with nature. We have built several other businesses on the way and have met and learned from some very influential people. I have lived more in the past 8 or more years than in the previous 50.


I look forward to every new day as an opportunity to help and guide someone that is searching for the path to a bigger future and more fulfilling life.