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 Wizard’s Adventures: About the author and his Friends This collection of stories (children’s ebooks) about The Wizard’s Adventures  was born out of an experience at the Wizard Training Camp (a Peak Potentials program).  That initial experience is told in “The Wizard and the Leaf Hopper”.  Since that time I have written several stories about the …

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Wizard Kit

Everything you need to become the Wizard.  Your children can dress up and play along as you read the short stories to them.  By the whole kit and save $$$.  Makes great gifts for children any time of the year!     The Wizard Kit which includes: one Wizard Hat, one Magical Wizard Wand, one …

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Mouse Trap: Mouse be Gone

MOUSE BE GONE : the best mouse trap ever!   Do you hate having to kill the mice and take them out of those spring loaded mouse traps and having dead and diseased mice making your home or business very stinky.  Mouse be Gone is a safe, easy disposal system.  Just throw the water and …

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