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Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading to Improve your life!


Secrets of a Millionnaire Mind

by T. Harv Ecker, Owner of Peak Potentials
Teaches you how to have a more positive relationship with money.
The Four Agreements
by Don Miguel RuizFour rules to live your life by. A quick read and an awesome daily reference to help live a life of fulfillment.
Outwitting the Devil
by Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill
How to Win Friends and Influence People
by Dale Carnegie
Everyone’s a Coach

by Don Schula and Ken Blanchard
The Dip
by Seth Godin
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
by Robert Kyosaki
Life’s Golden Ticket
by Brendon Burchard
The Leader who had no title
by Robin Sharma
The Jack Rabbit Factor
by Leslie Householder
The Charge
by Brendon Burchard